Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Redd Wood

While in wine country this past weekend, we had diner at THE coolest new spot in Yountville. Redd Wood is part of the same family as the sublime Redd, with a much more reasonable price point. It is technically a pizzeria, but is far from traditional. The decor is modern yet vintage ( designed by Martin in St Helena!) with edison lightbulbs, chesterfield banquettes, black walls and subway tiles.
And the food is absolute perfection! My personal favorite of the night: Clam, porc jowl and potatoe pizza.

A ceiling of edison lightbulbs above the bar

Small aluminium lanterns at each table

The newly remodeled hotel in which the restaurant resides, the North Block Hotel, is equally fabulous.

Antique guestbooks in the reception.

Vintage reception desk with linen drapes

Keys and more keys on the reception's far wall

Apologies for the sub-par iphone pictures.

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